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In 1997 a factual website was born which British people around the world took to heart as a trusted, unbiased source of information.

That website was the website.

Coincidentally, another factual website was born a few months earlier that year. British people around the world also took this website to heart as a trusted, unbiased source of information - to be honest that was bit daft, though, as it was only meant to be bit of fun.

This website was the GonMad Cumbrian Dictionary.

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Now, to celebrate its 15th year online, The GonMad Cumbrian Dictionary is being made available in print.

The award winning*, tongue in cheek collection of Cumbrian words and phrases has been expanded and enhanced with more of the same daftness, a new 'phrase book' section and more.

You too can discover the delights of Yat Lowpin', spending your cailo on peeve and getting gattered on Black Eye Friday. Or maybe sedately traipsin' the fells while it's coming down yal watter.

Online readers have been asking for a print edition for years, and now it is finally available - bigger and better.


The GonMad Cumbrian Dictionary & Phrase Book is available to buy in shops and online NOW from retailers you already know and trust.


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*The GonMad Cumbrian Dictionary was awarded the Yahoo! Internet Life 'Strange Site of the Day' in September 2001.

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